Fatlace x Bowls x Ruckus

So Mark Arcenal, THE man behind Fatlace, has always been notorious for his creativity, vision, and building up anything he gets his hands on into something incredible. In the car build world, he’s built up VW buses/bugs, countless SR-motored drift cars, a Fatlace Scion featured at SEMA 2008 and more. As a matter of fact, just to get a better idea of how big Mark Arcenal is, check this out to see what else he’s gotten his hands on throughout the years.

Anyway, he’s gotten his newest project back from BOWLS LA – a streetwear shop that also specializes in Honda Ruckus parts and builds. Check this out:

“So a few months ago Al said he was going down to LA for some Ruckus meet and race. I took that opportunity to ask him if he’d drop my ruckus off to Brandon at Bowls to get a complete makeover.

Already spending over 2500 on the Ruckus, I really wanted to create something different. The only problem was time which I didn’t have. So I contacted Brandon over at Bowls to go YoGabbaCrazy on it. He asked what my budget was and we worked off that. As you can see, the bike turned out great. Sick colorway with the Brooks color leather saddle.”


Via Fatlace

The mod list:
– gokubuto kit custom black with pirelli sl90 tire
– pc20 big carb kit w/k&n filter
– polini variator
– kijima side marker lights
– gel grips black
– posh kevlar belt
– daytona stainless gas tank cover (custom powdered)
– posh cdi
– ngk iridium plug
– kickstart frame brace
– bowls rear pegs
– bowls gas cap
– bowls lp relocation kit
– bowls kickstand
– bowls radiator cover
– bmf bmx stem
– drag bar
– brembo p30 front caliper
– brembo master cylinder
– earls s/s brake line
– braking 190mm rotor (made in italy)
– big beat carbon front fender (painted olive)
– honda dio front wheel 10″ black with dunlop tt92 race tire
– custom brown leather seat
– custom olive powdercoat
– custom semi gloss black powdercoat
– custom lowering front and rear
– custom match paint battery box and front fender
– custom grinded all unnecessary shit off the frame
– custom modify the exhaust to clear the big wheel
– tuning of carb and bike
– complete disassembly and reassembly
– change oil and gear oil with synthetic mobil 1 fluids

Makes 49cc look GOOD. Expect some more crazy ruckus on The Car Park in the future.


~ by unscenemedia on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fatlace x Bowls x Ruckus”

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  2. Wow, this is choice. What about the low handlebars? I don’t see them listed among the customizations. Am I missing it?

    “Custom grinded all unnecessary shit off the frame”, yes! This is a 49cc(?) work of art.

    I’d really be curious to know what this project cost.

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