BMW meets Lazareth Wazuma quad

Over the years, BMW’s engines have been used by other car makers as well, from McLaren F1 to Wiesmann, but when the French automobile and motorcycle builder Lazareth managed to squeeze in the big and powerful BMW V12 engine in one of their Wazuma quads…..well let’s just say, it was no surprise it made the headlines of many auto publications.

The Wazuma Bio V12 is a four-wheeled 500-horsepower speed machine, fueled with E85 bio-ethanol, turing the powerful quad into an eco-friendly machine. The decision to run E85 as fuel was based on its superior octane rating.

The quad comes with a hefty price, 200,000 euros. the equivalent of $283,000.


T-Rex, what? Actually scratch that…Hayabusa, what? This thing is the closest thing to recreating the Batmobile I have ever seen. And did you check out the rubber on the back? 315s. Absolutely ridiculous. I love it. Anyone want to donate to my Wazuma quad fund?

Via BMW Blog


~ by unscenemedia on August 18, 2009.

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