Inaugural Face-off Poll: Audi A1 vs. BMW City

It’s no secret that the city car has replaced the SUV as the biggest trend stateside, and what a welcomed change that is. Joining this increasingly popular city car market are two heavy hitters from Germany – Audi & BMW.

This small compact Audi offers go-kart-like handling thanks to its sort overhangs, wide stance, and short height, and comes powered by one of four either TFSI gasoline or TDI diesel engines, ranging in power from 86hp to 122hp. Five-speed or six-speed manuals are available as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch S-tronic automatic, and niceties like the MMI navigation system, a 100 percent LED-lit interior, 18-inch wheels, LED rear lights and Xenon headlamps, four colors of roof arches, and ten exterior colors. [Via Uncrate]

BMW City (or Mega City as referred before by BMW executives), is a vehicle that measure four meters long and seats four people. BMW City will combine a high percentage of lightweight components and it will feature the electric drivetrain unveiled in the BMW ActiveE Concept at Detroit Auto Show. The electric motor will output 125 kW (167 horsepower) and 250 Nm of torque. The liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery has a range of 160 kilometers.

The BMW Mega City is designed for city dwellers and offers a range of sophisticated multimedia technology in addition to various electronic aids for navigation in the urban jungle. On the same platform, a two-seater electric car will follow in 2014. [Via BMW Blog]


For me, it’s a really tough choice. I’ve been an enormous BMW fan my entire life and believe that these concept photos make it look better than the Audi, but I’m not sure how keen I am on electric motors. Strangely enough, the electric unit in the BMW promises to be more powerful than any petrol/diesel engine in its German counterpart – though you’d be flaunting that extra ~40hp in a mind-dulling silence. Isn’t part of the appeal of any car the SOUND it makes? Sure, if you were driving some big executive car I could understand why someone would want some peace and quiet. But this is a little, sporty hatchback. It’s supposed to have that buzzy, go-kart feeling, isn’t it?

Ultimately, I’ll reserve my final opinions until after full photos are released and we get a peek into the interiors where we can really take a look at the build quality (where I’m afraid Audi has recently been edging out BMWs). But just on first glances here, which one would you be parking in your garage?


~ by unscenemedia on February 16, 2010.

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