And Just Like That…

The Z4 has gone from a perfect all-season, every day practical car to a balls out, fire-breathing track menace. Out goes the twin-snail 300hp 3.0 I-6, in comes the current M3’s 4.0 V8 packing 480hp. Out goes the clever hard top folding roof, in goes a SL Black series-like fixed top to save weight. And to make matters even more delicious, the Z4 received some massive aerodynamic re-working that not only make the car perform better at speed, but you have to admit…it makes the car look ridiculously mean. Seeing this in my rear view mirror would make me miss apexes all day. Can’t wait to see how this thing performs against its rivals…and its M3 counterpart.

“When it comes to electronics, the private teams can look forward to innovative BMW solutions, which have proven themselves in the BMW M3 GT2: the engine is controlled by the modern ECU 408, while the Power400 control unit is responsible for operating all actuators. The transmission takes place via a sequential, six-speed gearbox.” [Via BMW Blog]


~ by unscenemedia on March 24, 2010.

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